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Master Craftsmen Kitchens Limited

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 24, 2003 2:50 pm    Post subject: Master Craftsmen Kitchens Limited Reply with quote

Last Christmas we decided to invest in a new kicthen. We looked at several suppliers but because there didn't seem to be a great deal of difference price wise we went for a local company.Paying a third desposite.
The designer came round and we explained what we wanted done. Because the original kitchen was tiled and the walls sounded a bit hollow we asked for fully replastered kitchen. No problem we can do that.
The design followed and a date agreed.
The start date arrived but no one turned up. I rang the shop and a couple of hours later we were introduced to our fitter, who came and had look at he job and agreed he couldn't start that day but would be there in the morning.
The following day he arrives and rips out the old kitchen and then the tiles etc etc. He then realise he wouldn't be able to get very far on his own so he asked a mate of his to come and help him with the plastering. By the end of the week they had platered the bits of the kitchen that they felt would be visible, not the whole room as was expected. The shop had tried to deliver the appliances and ALL the units had arrived. stacked up in our hall floor to ceiling. We sent the appliances back as we had no room for them. By this time the money for the units and appliances has also been paid. Just some of the fitting costs remain.
We inspected the plastering and it was awfull. We got on to the shop on the Saturday and the designer told us not to worry he'd be round first thing Monday to take a look.
Monday arrives he agrees the plastering is a disaster and the fitter has to get it all done again. It took him nearly the rest of the week to do it again. Well working from 9 - 4 with lunch if thats what you'd call a days work. By the end of the week we were still not happy with the plastering and he'd then had to rub down the plastering he had done. We complained again to the shop. The units were starting to be put into place and then again we asked for someone to come and take a look at he work. By this time it's now Christmas eve, we have no running water down stairs and no cooking facilites. The fitter goes off and we ask again for someone at the shop to deal. The designer who we are now calling on an hourly basis does not return our calls, despite having his mobile number advertised as the contact for the shop during the time the shop is closed for the Christmas break.
He eventually comes back to see us,agreeing with all of our complaints but there is nothing he can do as the fitter is his governers choice and he has now been told to have nothing more to do with us.
The fitter comes back to start up again and we are continally having a go at him because he seems to be getting nowhere. The shop send another fitter in to help. However the original fitter decides he's had enough and is now off the job.
The new fitter sets about sorting out the mess of the cooker wiring and plumbing the original fitter had bodged up.
We highlight to the new fitter the damage to the units and doors done whilst the other fitter was there. He tells the shop and the owner tells him to come off of the job.
We went back to the shop to find out what was going on and the owner Mr John Wignall, says that unless I pay 500 he will not let the fitter return. after much arguing I said I'd pay the fitter 100 to go back on the job.

The fitter returns and by the next couple of days completes the installation of the appliances. But we have units and doors which he will report back to the shop that need replacing.
I contact the shop a coulpe of days later to be told that the owner we do the following, and he quotes me about replacing one unit and two doors. This does not match with what we had wanted changing. but he's not interested anymore. I said to him put it all in writing and whilst he's doing so send me th receipts for the appliances.

He sends us 2 letters one as a receipt for the appliances the second staing that as our kitchen is now completed he wants the rest of the money.

We remain in this position today. He has ignored a solicitors letter to complete the work and I am still trying to get something done about the work and the kitchen shop.
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