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Onetel - Are they getting REALLY bad or is it just me?

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Len Van Den Berg

PostPosted: Tue Jan 18, 2005 2:01 pm    Post subject: Onetel - Are they getting REALLY bad or is it just me? Reply with quote

I moved into New Barnet in May 2004. I needed a Internet service provider and did a search on Google. I decided to go for Onetel. This turned out to be a really bad decision. The flats we occupied were brand new, so BT had to come and check if we had a decent phone line. We opted to have Onetel as the Service Providor of our Telephone services AND our Broadband connection. We were promised a connection within 2 weeks. It took them 1 month at the time for no apparant reason. But at least we got lots of unkept promises and apologies from them at the time.

At long last we got connected. Then we moved from this small flat to a nice and big one close by 6 months later and needed our phone line and Internet connection transferred. I decided to visit the Onetel website and advise them of this step LONG IN ADVANCE. They have this site called a VIRTUAL CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTRE where such notifications and address changes could be made. It was once again a brand new Penthouse flat and the BT Technician came to check it out and we were connected shortly after. We kept the same phone number.

This was where once again the nightmare with Onetel began. We were told it would take 7-10 working days AFTER the BT visit. I called them on 31 Dec to let them know that BT had been and we were live again. They would have to get their bits done. It turned out they only sent this note to BT a week later. I knew already a month ago we would keep the same number. I notified Onetel of this immediately and they then denied getting this e-notice from their website. I spoke to a few people on the support desk in the last 2 weeks and they all promised we would be online by 10 Jan, then 13 Jan and today is 18 Jan and we are still nowhere near connected. I am so sick and tired of their lame excuses, their empty promises and their poor service. I would really like to take my business elsewhere, but then I am threatened that I signed a 12 month deal and would have to stick to it.

Has anyone else had this poor treatment from Onetel? Could we do something about it? Please let me know what you did to get this resolved? I am paying for a service I am not getting, and feel this is grossly unfair.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 18, 2005 4:08 pm    Post subject: Onetel Reply with quote

I have had Onetel for access to USA codes only buy dialing an access code to call .They approached me soon after I signed up for Talk Talk and said they could better the deal and I could have access to USA calls for 1.83per min at a cost of 1 per month. and also frees calls after 6pm/weekends local and national.
I took them up on it but after talking to TalkTalk , who offered me FREE calls for one year to USA called and cancelled Onetel straight away within a few days. I received a notification that Talk Talk who cancelled my service because BT cancelled the line. It appears Onetel were slow at cancelling the service and when I contacted them, they said they did not receive any cancellation.!!!
Luckily TalkTalk were very understanding and reinstated me BUT since Onetell have not activated the cancellation, I have to wait until end of Jan for Onetel to "release" the line.
When I got my bill I was horrified...the call charges were well above what I had expected and I am glad now I have gone back to TalkTalk
(Carphone Warehouse). I was not aware Onetel has you sign contracts.
If I were you I would look into that contract as I am sure it can be cancelled as the lack of service and delays you have had constitutes them not withholding their end of the agreement. In fact, it sounds like they "owe you" for the inconvieince.
Please keep us posted on the progress on this. I am sure there are a few more people out there that have encountered this nightmare !??
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